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We accommodate our lesson plan depending on the students goal. Our lesson plan can help students pass his or her road test, learn how to drive in their local area, post- road test lessons, or the 16 year old, 6 hour program.

Instructors will  go over the following :

- Accelerating




-Car distance

-Local driving in your area 


-How to adjust all the mirrors 

-How to approach signal lights

-How to  approach road signs in your area

-Speed control 

- And more

Please note: Not all of these techniques will be covered within one day of taking lessons. Multiple lessons are required to learn, and master the basics of driving. 

The techniques listed below requires the student to take at least two sessions within the same day and the student must have mastered the basics of driving, before advancing to the next phase of driving. 

-Parallel parking

-K-turn (3 point turn)

-Straight reverse

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